How to register your project for certification:

  1. Register on the GBCSA Certification Engine  with a new or existing account.
  2. Log in to the GBCSA Certification Engine and click “Register a new project.”
  3. Add your project relevant information to the form. This will include owner details, square metres of the project, and use of space of the project. Your Accredited Professional can assist with this. 



  • Have you engaged an Accredited Professional (AP)? We recommend an AP is employed to support the certification process. You can find out more about APs on the GBCSA website.
  • Eligibility: Make sure your project is eligible for certification by checking the Eligibility Criteria below. 




If you’re unsure of which Green Star project type would best suit your project, please reach out to us, or chat to your AP. You can reach our technical team through our contact form, or mail us at

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