Technical Clarification

Demolition of all buildings and structures

Technical Clarification Number 



For projects in Africa, the GBCSA confirm that:

For projects where demolition of all buildings and structures took place more than two years prior to the official site handover date to the main contractor, the IEQ-11 credit may be claimed as Non-Applicable.

To claim the credit as Non-Applicable in the submission, projects must provide photographic dated Google map images of the site, clearly indicating the location and boundary of site, at three separate times:

1. At a date prior to demolitions, showing all the original buildings and structures; and 

2. At a date immediately after the buildings were demolished and removed; and

3. At the approximate (within 2-3 months of) the site handover date to the main contractor.

Projects must confirm what the official site handover date was to the main contractor, to be demonstrated in the submission via an extract from an official contract document.



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