How to submit a query?

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Follow these very easy steps below:

  1. Visit:
  2. In the top right hand corner of the page you will see an option "Submit a request"
  3. Click on this button and you will be directed to a form
  4. In your subject line please use either "Interiors PILOT" or "INT"  as well as the project number and relevant credit. e.g 'INT project 14001 - IEQ 5 question'
  5. If the query does not pertain to a credit, simply leave out the credit number. 
  6. If you are submitting a Credit Interpretation Request (motivating an alternative means of compliance) please use the format shown below
  7. Attach any relevant documents that are required for assessing the CIR
  8. And.. Submit.


Project Details:

  • Green Star Project Number: e.g 14001
  • Green Star Credit: e.g. IEQ 5

What type of Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) is it?

  • Alternative documentation requirement
  • Alternative credit criteria reference document/standard
  • Alternative credit criteria compliance methodology
  • Alternative Green Star SA definition

Answer the following questions:

  • Reason for submitting the CIR (what precludes you from meeting current criteria?)
  • Alternative approach (what alternative yet equivalent approach is suggested?)
  • Compliance with the Aim of the credit (how does the proposed method meet the Aim?) 
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