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Typical lighting layouts

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The representation of all separately switched lighting zones and their area within the Short Report through marked up typical layouts is acceptable in place of a summary table. Note that all typical layouts must be presented in the short report. The provision of a summary table listing only typical lighting layouts would also be acceptable in this regard.

Note that while it is acceptable to only mark-up typical lighting layouts / floor plans as opposed to all lighting zones in the building, actual floor plan drawings of all typical lighting layouts / floors must be included in the documentation.

While it is acceptable to mark up the location of switches, each individually switched zone and its area
within the Short Report , the mark-ups are to be shown on the actual Tender floor plan drawings, clearly referencing the drawing revision and legend applicable to lighting control symbols.



Occupancy sensors - guidance
(REPLACES ENE4-T-OB1-0382 issued 12 Jan 2012)

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Following significant feedback from project teams as well as a review conducted by GBCSA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members, it has been concluded that the requirements for

1. manual override switches for occupancy sensors, as well as;
2. a system that will automatically turn off all lighting outside of occupied hours where occupancy sensors are installed;

are deemed excessively prescriptive without guaranteeing significant resulting energy savings and as such these two requirements are hereby removed from the Green Star SA – Office v1 Technical Manual. The following erratum therefore applies:

On page 155, in the additional guidance, under the heading ‘Motion occupancy sensors (presence/absence detection)’, change the paragraph to read “Motion occupancy sensors are treated the same way as manual switching, thus zones controlled by occupancy sensors that do not exceed 100m2 may contribute to the compliant Usable Area provided the occupancy sensor is located within the 100m2 zone that it controls.”


Technical Clarification

Override switches - guidance
(REPLACES ENE4-T-OB1-0268 issued 30 Aug 2011)

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Duplicate override switches: projects are required to provide a switch for every 100m2 zone within every 100m2 zone, and may choose to provide one or more additional overall override switches for all 100m2 zones at the entrance to that floor/building. The project does not need to duplicate all the override switches at the entrance to the floor/building that are already provided within each 100m2 zone. A project is only required to provide additional override switches per entrance of a 100m2 zone where a partitioned 100m2 zone has more than one entrance – in this case every entrance to that 100m2 requires an override switch for that 100m2 zone.


Technical Clarification

Internal walls in Office areas

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Where internal walls within Office areas are provided as part of the ‘base building provision’ (i.e. will not change based on tenant requirements), project teams may include these within the Green Star SA submission, but should ensure they are included consistently across the submission. (E.g. these walls may need to be taken account of in the ENE-4 credit.)


Technical Clarification

Documentation for addressable systems

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Where projects have installed an addressable lighting control system, the following must be shown in the documentation provided:
- Provide a Short Report prepared by a suitable professional that describes how the credit criteria for both points have been met and how the addressable lighting control system operates.
- Provide tender drawings (Design) or as built drawings (As Built) with all soft switches highlighted and identified and include an electrical services legend that identifies the various symbols on the drawings relate to the system. (Soft switch is an addressable switching mechanism such as a light level detector, motion detector or light switch which is connected to an addressable lighting control system). Ensure that the drawings provided represent each typical floor/lighting layout (i.e. the drawing must be a typical lighting layout); where lighting layouts are different on each floor, then drawings for each floor must be provided.
- Provide a statement from the electrical or lighting designers (Design) or contractor (As Built) stating that no zone exceeds 100m2.
- For As Built only: Extracts from the Commissioning Report demonstrating (through supporting evidence) that the lighting system has been commissioned and operates as intended by the design.



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