Green Star SA - Office v1 Technical Manual: Page 208

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Documentation Requirements, description of documentation, under "Extract(s) from the specification(s)" add "for mechanically assisted naturally ventilated spaces, identifying and detailing the proposed mechanically assisted system and operation requirements, for naturally ventilated buildings, no extract(s) from the specification(s) are required."


Credit Interpretation Request

Off-site reclaimed water - Alternative documentation as per 29 April 2014 see *

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The use of reticulated off-site reclaimed water is an acceptable way to reduce potable water consumption within the Green Star SA rating system. Although off-site harvesting and recycling systems are not specific attributes of the building seeking Green Star SA certification (as would be the case of an on-site water harvesting and recycling system), the fact that the building has chosen to incorporate the necessary infrastructure to connect their building services to the off-site service is, in this scenario, viewed as a building attribute.

The following additional documentation requirements apply where reticulated off-site reclaimed water is used:

For Green Star SA Design ratings;
• Evidence that the reclaimed water system is operational at the time of practical completion of the building.

• Confirmation from the off-site non-potable water supply vendor that the required supply is available to the project.

For Green Star SA As Built ratings;
• Evidence that the reclaimed water system is operational at the time of practical completion of the building.

• An extract from the contract between the off-site non-potable water supply vendor and the building owner must be provided.

*29 April 2014 TC788
The project team’s proposal for providing alternative evidence to that requested in the WAT1/3/4-C-OB1-0266 CIR’s (evidence that reclaimed water system is operational and confirmation of supply from water vendor) is hereby approved.

We note that the following alternative documentation has been proposed and approved:

1) Site plans of the precinct illustrating;
• The current As Built stormwater reticulation, and attenuation facilities, and
• Construction plans for the stormwater reticulation of the registered project
Water Schematic for registered project, illustrating connection to off-site non-potable water source, and usage of water source

2) A signed short report from system design consultant describing and quantifying the volume of off-site non-potable water that will be available for the registered project each day, and why.


Technical Clarification

Evaporative cooling

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Evaporative cooling is considered a water consuming heat rejection system for purposes of this credit.


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