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Internal walls in Office areas

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Where internal walls within office areas are provided as part of the ‘base building provision’ (i.e. will not change based on tenant requirements), project teams must include these within the Green Star SA submission, but should ensure they are included consistently across the submission. Where internal walls are not considered part of the 'base building' (e.g. office partition walling), these may be excluded for calculations demonstrating compliance with the credit criteria.


Technical Clarification

Day-lit atria and compliant external views - alternative methodology and additional guidance

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This Technical Clarification provides further guidance for the inclusion of day-lit atrium and the external views provided by such design features. The criteria for day-lit atria to account for external views are provided on Page 80 of the Green Star SA - Office v1 Technical Manual. This further guidance pertains to the minimum daylight factor of DF2.5% and how compliance is claimed for views on a particular level of an atrium.

Previously, to claim compliant views into a day-lit atrium, 90% of the horizontal plan area of the atrium needed to achieve a daylight factor of not less than DF2.5%. This resulted in an outcome where by if 85% of an atria was compliant, no external views could be claim. This 90% criteria is viewed as problematic.

The GBCSA wish to clarify that Project Teams may now apply a 'proportional-based' method to determining compliant external views claimed from an appropriately sized day-lit atrium. This method correlates the daylight compliant percentage of the horizontal plan area (at the level/floor analysed) of the atrium (at a particular level) with the compliant views claimed.

Where X% of the adequately sized day-lit atrium horizontal plan area has a DF of 2.5% or greater, then only X% (i.e. the same percentage) of the maximum compliant UA external view for that floor (determined from the atrium perimeter), may be claimed.

For example, a building has three identical floors (680m2 UA each) with a adequately sized atrium. An analysis of the maximum external view UA claimed due to the atria (only) on each floor indicates compliant UA of 100m2 on each floor. Daylight modelling indicates that on the top level, 94% of the horizontal plan area of the atria achieves a DF of not less than 2.5%, and on the middle level this reduces to 68% and on the lower level this reduces to 51%. Using the proportional-based method, the external view UA which may be claimed for the top floor is 100 x 94% = 94m2, the middle floor 100 x 68% = 68m2 and the lower floor 100 x 51% = 51m2.

This is deemed as a more reasonable method for accounting for external views into an appropriately sized day-lit atrium.



Green Star SA - Office v1 Technical Manual: Page 79

Erratum Number


Documentation Requirements, initial notes, under the heading "External views", third bullet point, change the text in parentheses to read "(there must be a clear line of sight to the outside)".



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