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Permanent marking or labelling of elements to be disassembled

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In the Additional Guidance, the first bullet point on page 259 reads that “Elements to be recovered are clearly marked, or have a label permanently attached, showing their inherent properties and date of manufacture to enable reuse…”. This requirement need not be interpreted as meaning that each and every individual element needs to be marked or labelled with its inherent properties. Key elements or elements where information on the inherent properties is essential in allowing re-use of the item (e.g. bespoke structural beams) should be marked as per the Additional Guidance provided.

It is at the project team’s discretion which of these elements require marking, but the project team must detail within the Short Report the approach applied to disassembly and reuse of their specific system and explain and motivate how the marking of key elements in conjunction with the Comprehensive Disassembly Plan will enable disassembly and reuse of the system.


Technical Clarification

Quantity surveyor report and short report

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This Technical Clarification is applicable to Mat-3 Reused Materials, Mat-6 Steel, Mat-7 PVC Minimisation, Mat-8 Sustainable Timber, Mat-9 Design for Disassembly, Mat-10 Dematerialisation and Mat-11 Local Sourcing.
Where the ‘Documentation Requirements’ (for Design and As Built) request a ‘Short report’ and a ‘Quantity Surveyor report’, if the ‘Short report’ is prepared by the Quantity Surveyor, it is permitted that one consolidated report satisfying both ‘Documentation Requirements’ be submitted instead of two separate documents.

Where the ‘Short report’ is not prepared by the Quantity Surveyor (e.g. green building consultant, Accredited Professional, structural engineer etc.), both the ‘Short report’ and ‘Quantity Surveyor report’ must be submitted independently.

The purpose of the ‘Quantity Surveyor report’ is to validate data (e.g. quantities, costs, Project’s contract value etc.) referenced within the ‘Short report’.


Technical Clarification

Facade - additional guidance

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For the purposes of Green Star SA, the term “façade” is to be interpreted as the exterior face of a building which is the architectural front, and is to exclude all portions of wall, fabric or envelope constructions which are not visible (i.e. walls shared with adjoining buildings).

Where structural elements are exposed or protrude to appear as part of a façade or exterior face, for the purposes of Green Star SA, only the area of permanent load-bearing structural elements are to be excluded from façade calculations regarding disassembly. Loadbearing structural elements are deemed to include columns, beams and slabs, however in-fill block work is not considered a loadbearing structural element and is considered façade area in the scenario of exposed or protruding structural elements. Pre-cast concrete panels are considered loadbearing structural elements.



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