Technical Clarification

Demolition of all buildings and structures

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For projects in Africa, the GBCSA confirm that:

For projects where demolition of all buildings and structures took place more than two years prior to the official site handover date to the main contractor, the IEQ-11 credit may be claimed as Non-Applicable.

To claim the credit as Non-Applicable in the submission, projects must provide photographic dated Google map images of the site, clearly indicating the location and boundary of site, at three separate times:

1. At a date prior to demolitions, showing all the original buildings and structures; and 

2. At a date immediately after the buildings were demolished and removed; and

3. At the approximate (within 2-3 months of) the site handover date to the main contractor.

Projects must confirm what the official site handover date was to the main contractor, to be demonstrated in the submission via an extract from an official contract document.



Technical Clarification

Demolition applicability
(REVISED from TC issued 2010-10-13)

Technical Clarification Number


In addition to redevelopments (where existing buildings and/or structures are to be retained within the new development), the IEQ-11 Hazardous Materials credit and compliance criteria is applicable where existing buildings and/or structures located on the project site are to be demolished within the scope of either the main contract, or as a separate demolition contract, for the project. In such cases, the comprehensive hazardous materials survey must be carried out on the project site prior to any demolition works commencing, and where hazardous materials are identified in buildings or structures proposed for demolition, the materials must be removed in accordance with the applicable standards. Projects registered prior to the date of this TC and projects where demolition commenced prior to the date of this TC may elect to include or exclude the aforementioned requirements. Projects registered after the date of this TC must comply with the aforementioned requirements unless demolition commenced prior to the date of this TC.


Technical Clarification

Documentation amendment

Technical Clarification Number


For new developments where no existing building(s) or structure(s) were present on the project site at the time of purchase, the credit is ‘Not Applicable’ and is excluded from the points available used to calculate the Indoor Environment Quality category score. To reduce documentation requirements for projects where the above is applicable, only the following documentation is required to be submitted:

• Short report prepared by a relevant project team member confirming that the development is a new development and that at the time of site purchase, no existing building(s) or structure(s) existed on the project site.

For all other scenarios, project’s must adhere to the Documentation requirements as per the applicable Green Star SA Technical Manual.



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