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Compliance with the relevant sections of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) Environmental Management Plan Guidelines (2005) is to be demonstrated by completion of the checklist as provided in Table Man-6. The GBCSA note that it is the project team’s responsibility to ensure that all legislative requirements relating to the EMP are achieved in accordance with the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). The Green Star SA requirements listed ( Table Man-6.1 extract ) are intended to be applied alongside and in addition to any legislative requirements. As such, should any of the Green Star SA requirements listed for the EMP be in contravention with legislative requirements for the project, the project team is to comply with the said legislative requirements and clearly justify within the short report and Man-6.1 compliance checklist why the specific Green Star SA requirement could not be applied.

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Technical Clarification

Contractors complying with ISO 14001 requirement

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It is required that the main contractor on site (contractor who has overall responsibility of the site at any stage) has a valid ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) accreditation prior to and throughout the project construction. This can also be achieved where the subcontractors adhere to the main contractors ISO 14001 requirements or for smaller companies showing alternative compliance as in the Green Star SA Office v1 technical manual.

Where contracts will be split and contractors appointed independently of each other, the bulk earthworks and piling contractors that do not hold an ISO 14001 certificate nor will they be appointed as subcontractors adhering to a main contractor’s ISO 14001 responsibilities, unfortunately does not comply with the Green Star SA requirements. It is required that all contractors must either hold an ISO 14001 certificate, adhere to the ISO 14001 requirements of the main contractor or for small companies show alternative compliance as in the Green Star SA Multi Unit Residential v1 technical manual on page 17.


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