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Energy consumption of a single use unmetered energy load may be deductively calculated

Technical Clarification Number


The GBCSA confirm that the energy consumption of a single use unmetered energy load may be deductively calculated, and the formula programmed into an automated monitoring system (BMS) to allow for ongoing energy management of the unmetered energy use.

The unmetered load is to be calculated by deducting all metered loads on the same distribution circuit from the primary metered incoming load. The unmetered energy load should represent a single use only.  No other unmetered energy uses may be present on the same distribution circuit.

For the purposes of demonstrating compliance with the above CIR, the following additional documentation requirements are required:

A suitably qualified professional responsible for providing the Automated Monitoring System, shall provide a letter confirming that the automated system has the capability to deductively measure the unmetered load, and describing the programming that will be implemented to meet the credit criteria for the unmetered load.  For As Built ratings the confirmation must be supported by commissioning data, or screenshots of the Automated Monitoring System confirming that the programming has been implemented and is operational.

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