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Gabions as a non-concrete application

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For the additional 3rd point of credit Mat-5 as it relates to “non-concrete applications (e.g. stone sub-soil drains, road layerworks and backfill, etc.)”,​ the GBCSA confirm that gabions can be excluded as they are deemed to not be aggregates for the purposes of this credit.


Technical Clarification

Definition of non-structural in-situ concrete

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Under MAT 5, to achieve the additional 3rd point:

 1) 10% of all aggregate used for structural (concrete) purposes is to be recycled aggregate (equivalent to Class 1 RCA as per Australian standard HB155-2002) or slag aggregate; AND

2) No virgin aggregates are used in non-structural in-situ concrete applications (e.g. (concrete) footpaths, (concrete) curbs, (concrete) backfilling to service tranches, etc.) and non-concrete applications (e.g. stone sub-soil drains, road layerworks and backfill, etc.)

 The definition of non-structural in-situ concrete is, according to GBCSA, ‘not forming part of any load bearing or engineered element that is poured on site’. And similarly the definition of structural concrete, according to the GBCSA, is ‘forming part of any load bearing or engineered element’. A structural engineer can determine on a project how this definition applies to specific applications.



Technical Clarification

Short Report meets the requirements for both these two Documents- the Short Report and Concrete Mixed Report requirement

Technical Clarification Number


The project team is to ensure that the concrete mixed report is included in the short report and meets all credit criteria as laid out in the Green Star SA Technical Manual. Please clearly highlight where the Concrete mixed report is to be located in the short report.


Technical Clarification

Concrete mix design for each concrete application in both the concrete mix report and in the tender documentation.

Technical Clarification Number


The project team in the extracts from contract documentation need not detail the full mix composition or proportions provided that the contract documents clearly require the cement replacement or virgin aggregate reduction as required by the credit criteria. The mix composition or proportions must however be shown in the concrete mix report.



Virgin aggregate in pre-cast non-structural items.

Erratum Number


On page 235 of the Green Star SA – MUR v1 Technical Manual, under ‘Credit Criteria’, additional point, change the last bullet point to read “No virgin aggregates are used in non-structural concrete uses (e.g. footpaths, backfilling to service trenches). Note that this requirement applies to non-structural concrete aggregate applied on site and not to pre-cast non-structural concrete uses.”



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