Statement of Confirmation 

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The documentation requirement 'Statement of Confirmation' can be deleted as a requirement for Design submissions, because at this stage of a project specific material suppliers are often not selected.

Technical Clarification

Point of recovery and manufacture for steel products

Technical Clarification Number


For the purpose of Green Star SA the scrap dealer or salvage yard is identified as the location from where the material was salvaged or recovered, the point of recovery. It is not required for the scrap dealer or salvage yard to provide information of where each piece of material which has been purchased from them, has been collected.

The foundry purchasing the salvaged or recovered material from the scrap dealer or salvage yard is considered as the point of manufacture and only that fraction of the material bought from the scrap dealer or salvage yard shall contribute to the value of that material for consideration in the local sourcing credit.


Technical Clarification

Local Sourcing – Fill material / bulk earthworks

Technical Clarification Number


Fill material/bulk earthworks sourced on site, or sourced within close proximity to the site, may contribute to the MAT-11 Local Sourcing credit.
The GBCSA has determined that it is common practice to source a non-neglible proportion of fill material from sources not within close proximity to the project site. Furthermore, bulk earthworks sources are highly variable, depending on project type and building typology. Given this, the inclusion of fill material/bulk earthworks satisfies the intent of the credit criteria and project teams are to be encouraged to source these materials locally.
Additionally, regardless of whether or not the project team has used fill material/bulk earthworks sourced on site or sourced within close proximity of the site, the material cost of the fill material/bulk earthworks must be included in determining the “project’s contract value.”



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