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Non-site applied insulation

Technical Clarification Number


The credit aims to encourage and recognise the selection of insulants that do not contribute to long term damage to the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. The credit looks therefore at the insulation of building services and building fabric and thus includes all applicable services such as mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulics.

Project teams must thus demonstrate that the specification of thermal insulation in any of the above services avoids the use of ODP substances in both its manufacture and composition for both on-site and off-site applications.

Documentation requirements, As Built table, add bullet point “Statement of confirmation”
Statement of confirmation from supplier(s) confirming that all of the insulants used are free from ozone-depleting substances in both manufacture and composition. The supplier(s) must identify (with supporting evidence such as Manufacturer’s Data sheet) the type and properties of the insulants used.
Note: These offsite applications include but are not limited to
• Hot water cylinders
• Chillers



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