Green Star SA – Retail Centre v1 Technical Manual: Page 104

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Documentation Requirements, description of documents, Acoustic Report (2), replace the second bullet point with “Describe the test methodology used, the conditions under which the testing was done, including the time of testing and confirming that the spaces tested are representative and ‘worst case’”.


Technical Clarification

Intermittent / Emergency generator noise (This TC replaces IEQ12-T-OB1-0218)

Technical Clarification Number


After significant review, the GBCSA have concluded that emergency generators (<100hr annual operation) will not currently form part of the scope of the IEQ-12 credit for Green Star SA – Retail Centre v1 certification. As such, project teams may exclude emergency generator equipment from compliance within the IEQ-12 credit.

Please note the following summary of findings:

• From the review conducted, it is clear that emergency generators can in fact affect occupant IEQ significantly, and for this reason it is best practice internationally to address noise from emergency generators in this regard.
• However, it has been found that in order to address the noise generated from emergency generators in terms of the IEQ-12 credit in the Green Star SA – Retail Centre v1 tool, significant differences in how noise levels are measured in the credit as well as varying benchmarks for acceptable noise levels may need to be introduced, which is seen as a change to the current scope of the IEQ-12 credit. The GBCSA believe that this level of change in the credit is not appropriate within a single version of the tool, and as such, should take place in future revisions of the Green Star SA – Retail Centre tool or within the development of new rating tools.

Thus in summary, the GBCSA believe noise emissions from emergency generators to be a significant IEQ as well as noise pollution concern and would encourage project teams to take this into account within their design. There are however technical aspects to addressing this issue which the current structure of the IEQ-12 credit in the Green Star SA – Retail Centre v1 tool is not able to accommodate, and as such for Green Star SA certification under the Retail Centre v1 rating tool, noise from emergency generators need not be included in the scope of the IEQ-12 credit and projects will not be assessed on this issue. Noise from emergency generators will be included for implementation review in future versions of the Green Star SA – Retail Centre rating tool as well as development of future Green Star SA rating tools.



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