Technical Clarification

Clean building rubble





The GBCSA confirm that the use of ‘clean’ building rubble to fill quarries is deemed to be an acceptable means of re-use, and therefore an acceptable means of diversion from landfill for the purposes of credit Man 7: Waste Management.

Project teams are to demonstrate that the building rubble is ‘clean’ in terms of demonstrating that the waste will not pose any environmental risk in the future. The project teams are to provide written confirmation that the waste is compliant with the requirements of the   NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: WASTE ACT, 2008 (ACT NO. 59 OF 2008) and all sub-referenced standards to demonstrate this. In addition the waste management service is to confirm that all necessary assessments and permitting of the quarry in question have been duly completed and approved for the purposes of rehabilitation.




Technical Clarification

Construction rubble (e.g. crushed concrete) used to stabilise landfill sites.

Technical Clarification Number


The GBCSA confirm that the use of construction rubble on stabilising landfill sites is not acceptable in terms of diversion of waste for the Man-7 Waste Management credit.

The GBCSA note that whilst some uses of construction rubble at landfill facilities may replace virgin material typically used in construction (e.g. road construction), many of the uses relate to addition to the landfill itself, e.g. cover material etc.

The GBCSA note that the aim of the Man-7 credit is to minimise the environmental impact associated with landfill sites by reducing the amount of construction material contributing to these landfills. The use of construction rubble to stabilise landfills therefore does not align with this aim.




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