Technical Clarification

Alternative Documentation: Light Pollution Modelling Report

Technical Clarification Number


Where a Lighting Pollution Modelling Report is provided as part of a short report including:
• modelling results clearly demonstrating that all related areas and light fittings are included in the simulations
• and identify all areas area(s) that does not exceed the minimum requirements of CIBSE LG6 for illuminance levels

Then it is not required that the Tender drawing(s) and or As Built drawing(s) are marked up showing the area(s) that do not exceed the minimum requirements of CIBSE LG6 for illuminance levels. However the location and type of all external luminaires should still be marked up on the Tender drawing(s) and As Built drawing(s) to assist in demonstrating that all luminaires have been included in the modelling.

Note that this TC only applies to project teams that choose to demonstrate compliance with the credit criteria through modelling.


Credit Interpretation Request

Lack of photometric data for custom façade lighting

Credit Interpretation Request Number


It is deemed acceptable for project teams to build a mock-up and measure the luminance (candelas/m²) of the custom façade lighting that doesn’t contain photometric data.

If the luminance results comply with Green Star SA requirements and the project team pursues the credit point, these confirmed results need to be submitted as additional information towards the project submission in order to prove compliance with the 10 candelas/m² requirement.

The project team should note that all other credit requirements remain as per the technical manual, technical clarifications, credit interpretations requests and errata found on the GBCSA website.



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