Clarification Interpretation Request

Integrated fit outs that achieved Office As Built certification



GBCSA confirms that monitoring and recording of waste, energy and water for the entire construction process during the period of the interior fit-out will satisfy the intent of credit.

As the interior fitout is being delivered as an Integrated fitout within the Building pursing a green star rating, the approach to declare all waste, water and energy consumption that occurs during the interior fitout activities is acceptable and a practical compromise to meet the intent of the credit.

As the development is being completed as an integrated fit-out and MAT-4 is targeted and achieved for the Office v1 or v1.1 As-built Certification, the GBCSA believes this approach is acceptable and a practical compromise meeting the intent of both the aim of the credits and the Interiors and Office As-Built Tools.

The GBCSA note the following will need to be demonstrated in the submission:
1) Energy and water consumption of the entire building has been monitored from construction commencement and this will continue until occupation of the building.
2) The consumption records, inherently, will include the figures of the tenant fit-out, in addition to these of base building.
Hence, the project team will demonstrate that requirements for energy and water monitoring and recording during the construction of the fit-out are achieved.
3) The project team proposes that the overall (base building and specific interiors fit-out) construction waste is monitored and recorded in its entirety by the main contractor for both scope of works (i.e. the base building and specific interiors fit-out). 
The other fit outs that are not a part of the main contractors scope of work are outside the New Build assessment (base build) and outside of this specific Interiors fit-out assessment, and therefore their waste will not be monitored and recorded for this project


Technical Clarification

Manual Edits 




Under MAN-4, on Page 8, under IAQ, the sentence should read "In particular, the Contractor IAQ management plan, compiled in accordance with the criteria set out in Chapter 3 of the SMACNA guidelines" and not SMACA.  


In addition, the numbering laid out under IAQ should read as follows:

Chapter 3 have been implemented in the project:

o Section 3.2 and 4.2 HVAC protection:
o 4.2.3 ‘HVAC protection: supply side’
o 4.2.4 ‘HVAC protection: central filtration’
o 4.2.1 HVAC protection: return side’
o 3.3.6 ‘Cover seal’ if the VOC credit is not pursued
o 3.5 ‘Housekeeping’


On page 9

Plan must be in accordance with the following SMACNA Guidelines sections: - Section 4.2.3 ‘HVAC protection: supply side’ -

Section 4.2.4 ‘HVAC protection: central filtration’ -

Section 4.2.1 ’HVAC protection: return side’ -

Section 3.3.6 ‘Cover seal’ if the VOC credit is not pursued -

Section 3.5 ‘Housekeeping’


Technical Clarification

Documentation Requirements



Documentation requirements, documentation table, replace the word ‘point’ with ‘criterion’ in the following phrases ‘Where first point is claimed’, ‘Additionally where second point claimed’ and ‘Additionally where third point claimed’ 

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