Technical Clarification

pre consumer recycled content/ post industrial recycled content



The GBCSA confirm that points will only be awarded for post consumer recycled content (where 40% of the item’s mass is reused, recycled, or certified content or a combination) as per the INT v1 Technical Manual definitions.
Specifically re-used content items have an advantage to go through an Eco Labelling system (through a 3rd party certification scheme) as no points are awarded in the calculator for products for pre consumer recycled content or post industrial recycled content. 

Alternative option for obtaining points is where a Manufacture or Supplier has a Take Back schemes for their product(s). 

Please note this pre consumer recycled content and post industrial recycled content is not likely to be considered for change in INT v1 however, this could be a possibility for INT v2 once more research has been taking into account from Suppliers and Manufactures.


Technical Clarification

Take back schemes



For the take back schemes: where the owner sub-contacts work, provided a copy of the signed Take Back Agreement Letter between the sub-contractor and the manufacturer, included within the Operational and Maintenance Manual clearly:

  • stipulating the terms and conditions of the take back scheme, confirming the commitment to take back the quantity of the product or material supplied to the project
  • nominating the intended reuse of the product/materials 
  • listing the manufacturer’s details (i.e. registered name, address, email address, telephone number and website as applicable)



Technical Clarification

Documentation Table



Documentation Table, in bullet point 4, delete ‘Contractor’ and replace with ‘Tenant’

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