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Guidance on building services / sub-services included within the scope of Man-02 and Man-03 - UPDATED

Technical Clarification Number
MAN2 -T-OB1-1562


Please refer to the 'Man-02 and Man-03 Supplementary Info Document - UPDATED' attached (below), it shows which services are required to be addressed under both the Man-2 and Man-3 credits, and for Man-2, shows which ASHRAE / CIBSE documents are applicable to each in terms of the credit criteria. Where no suitable ASHRAE / CIBSE document is available, the project team’s ‘Nominated Commissioning’ applies. Please note further guidance on ‘Nominated Commissioning’ is given below the table in the document.

Supplementary Information

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Technical Clarification

Building Tuning TC pertaining to Roles & Responsibilities 

Technical Clarification Number


The GBCSA acknowledges that some circumstances make it prudent that a different party to the original installer or design consultant be responsible for particular aspects of the building tuning scope: e.g. adjusting of set points or controls should feedback from the monthly tuning indicate that this is necessary and the facilities manager has been trained and is capable to make these adjustments. This is acceptable as long as there are two parties involved, one carrying out the duties of the of the installing party and one carrying out the duties of the design team party. This is to ensure that there is a continuation of the design intent in the building tuning process so that changes made are still within that design intent, but performed to adjust the particular system to the actual occupant’s habits or variation in climatic conditions by a party with sufficient knowledge or experience of that system to carry it out successfully.

Project teams may choose to split these responsibilities on condition that the following documentation is submitted in addition to the rest of the documentation requirements:

  • Description of the split in scope and the related responsibilities of the parties involved (both from a design perspective and an implementation perspective demonstrating that all aspects of the credit criteria are being met – e.g. via a responsibility matrix
  • Short motivation as to why the particular scope is being split
  • Demonstration that the additional member is suitably qualified, experienced or trained to undertake the designated scope
  • Demonstration that sufficient information has been handed over by the relevant party initially involved to the new party taking the tuning responsibility 
  • Description of what activities related to re-commissioning are required for this scope and who will carry it out, and that this party is suitably qualified, experienced or trained to undertake the designated scope.

The above scope is required to be undertaken for each system where new parties will be involved.

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