The project team’s proposal for allowing the period of comparison of 12 consecutive months in the form of 11 utility accounts

CIR Number



The GBCSA request that the following be submitted within Round 1 submission;

1. The dates of the energy performance period is to be clearly stated in the submission.
2. The 12 consecutive months or the prior year/period which are being compared to the 12 conservative months of the performance period has been clearly indicated.
3. Project teams will be allowed to show a variance (this may not exceed a period of more than 21 Days) in the billing number of days as long as the municipal bill still covers the month being compared to (start in the same month of the year before), and that the period that they compare/measure in the year before is for a full 12 months (or more) of municipal bills
4. Municipal data/signed off data - this may be for 12 months and if the billing is in the form of 11 municipal accounts it will be accepted as long as the consecutive months coincide (with dates clearly highlighted) and accumulate to the 12 months of performance data.

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