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Clarification for stops at the end of a route

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The Commuting Mass Transport Guide states that, "Only services which arrive at the stop can be used to calculate the average interval for the morning peak period; conversely only services that depart from the stop can be used to calculate the afternoon peak period." In addition, "A route with services for two directions (e.g. northbound and southbound) where one direction only has services in the morning and the other direction only has services in the afternoon is considered one route."

People can only arrive from one direction in the morning then depart in the opposite direction to go home in the afternoon. There is mass transit service provided in only one map direction from the project site.

Clarification: A route in which the closest stop to the project site is at the end of the route (termination or turn-around point) is considered one route, even if services are provided in both directions all day long.


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