Technical Clarification

Performance Agreement

Technical Clarification Number

Date: 5 July 2016


An additional point is awarded where: The tenant has a signed agreement with the building owner/landlord which commits the tenant to certain performance criteria in the form of a Performance Agreement.

The GBCSA notes that it is in order for the 1 point to be awarded, ensure that the performance criteria below are met in a Performance Agreement:

A performance agreement is a method of establishing expectations, accountability and consequences for agreed upon standards and performance levels. Both parties agree on the actions required and the expected results from the actions.
Where improvements in operational performance are of specific importance to either party, the mutual disclosure lease can be augmented with targets for improvement for both the tenants and the building owner/landlord. It sets standards to which each party must perform.
Targets should be set using the baseline established through the monitoring and reporting of building performance. Where no building performance information exists, targets should be framed using specific improvement benchmarks.
In instances where there is an existing standard lease agreement, the documents listed above can be incorporated as an addendum / annexure, in order to constitute a green lease.

A minimum of two (2) of the performance criteria list should be shown to be included in the Performance Agreement:
Energy performance,
Water performance,
Waste management/reduction,
Plant and equipment replacement,
Alterations to premises,
Cleaning and hygiene consumables,
Indoor environmental quality (thermal comfort, natural light and air quality).


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