Where a project is claiming NA for WAT-1  Compliance Part B - Deemed to Satisfy

WAT1-T-INT1- 2423


Where a project is claiming NA for WAT-1  Compliance Part B - Deemed to Satisfy 

Part - A: No fittings (new or existing)
Part - B: No laundry or kitchen appliances 
Part - C : No heat rejection systems, swimming pools or spas are installed and or if there is no landscaping or  the total landscaping represents less than 0.5% of the nett lettable area
Part - D: No existing or new water consumption

The project team is to provide a letter of confirmation from the building owner confirming the above for each item is excluded in the interior fitout and or base building. 




Compliance Path 1 Selection Criteria



Compliance 1 path may only be selected if a fitout consist of WC, where there is no WC present Compliance path 2 is to be selected.


Technical Clarification

Compliance Path 2 Flow Rate change to 4.5 L/min for bathroom taps



Compliance route 2 was created for fitouts where a tenant had no control of common area fitouts, more simplistic approach for fitouts were given for tenants.
The deemed to satisfy route was not in any Interior Pilot versions.

The Bathroom taps maximum flow rate will be adjusted to align with Office v1 & v1.1  4.5 L/min flow rate, the combination for  indoor taps and flow controls where INT v1 TM specifically indicates Bathroom taps and this will not apply for Kitchenette taps. 
It is indicated that these water fitting consumptions are for guidance purposes only in the Water Protocol guide for the Office tool please note the this benchmark was made in 2008 and market transformation will inevitably change benchmarks.

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