LEVEL by BIFMA Ecolabel Scheme

LEVEL by BIFMA Ecolabel Scheme in relation to the GBCSA’s Evaluated product Certification Schemes.


Relates to the following credits:

INT-MAT-2: Furniture,

MAT-3: Assemblies,

MAT-4: Flooring,

MAT-5: Wall Coverings.

Any LEVEL certified product achieves a GBCSA Level C rating.

To achieve a higher rating Project Teams must assess their individual LEVEL scorecard points achieved using the matrix prepared. (see attached ‘LEVEL scorecard rating matrix’)

 To overcome this, a scoring criterion was developed that allows Project Teams/AP’s to rate the individual LEVEL scorecard points achieved themselves, by using the published LEVEL scorecard (‘LEVEL scorecard rating matrix’), on a product by product basis.

The LEVEL scorecard indicates which LEVEL criteria have been achieved, and this can be assessed for a higher GBCSA grade.

A matrix has been prepared that compares only the optional LEVEL credits with those of the GBCSA product certification scheme. Project Teams/AP’s can use this as a checklist with the LEVEL scorecard to assess individual scorecard points achieved for their products. The matrix is split by GBCSA product certification scheme credits, and Project Teams require any one of the corresponding LEVEL criteria to achieve the credit. A score of ten or more is sufficient for a GBCSA Level B rating.

This must be used when Projects opt for the “LEVEL by BIFMA (ANSI/BIFMA e3-2014 Furniture Sustainability Standard). Only with self-assessment” option.

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