Green Star New Buildings & Major Refurbishments: Multi Unit Residential (MUR) V1

For rating the environmental attributes of new and major refurbishments to Multi Unit Residential projects. Green Star Technical Clarifications, Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) Rulings and Errata are a vital tool for projects and professionals interested in Green Star SA certification. Technical Clarifications (TCs) Answers to technical queries which complement the Technical Manuals. Technical Clarifications do not change the criteria or requirements. Assessors use the Technical Clarifications as public precedent and project teams should stay up to date with the relevant clarifications. Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs) CIRs are submitted if a project team wants to advocate for an alternative but equivalent method of meeting the Aim of Credit. If the request is granted, it is made available to every registered Green Star SA project and incorporated into subsequent versions of the Green Star SA rating tools



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